The Difference Between Tencel and Lyocell Sheets

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The Difference Between Tencel and Lyocell Sheets

Tencel and Lyocell have been used interchangeably. But, are they the same? The names can get confusing. Actually, Tencel and Lyocell are identical in every way except for the name.


Tencel is merely a brand name for a type of fiber. Tencel refers to a brand of lyocell fibers developed by the Austrian textile business Lenzing AG and marketed under the Tencel trademark. This is very similar to the way in which Coca-Cola is used to refer to all cola soft drinks by many soft drink shoppers. It is now customary to use the brand name Tencel to refer to all Lyocell fiber brands.


Tencel Lyocell fabric made using eucalyptus fiber grown in certified sustainable forests which are sustainably produced in a closed loop production process that can minimizes environmental impact. It is an eco-friendly fabric that’s perfect for conscious shoppers, it has become increasingly popular in recent years, used widely in bedding product. Typically, Tencell Lyocell can be used as a substitute for cotton or silk.


In every bedding set from Olivehome made of eucalyptus fiber you can feel a bit of nature. Soft as silk but as durable as polyester, this natural fiber is also extraordinarily breathable. If you’re still very tricky in making decision, then just get started with our Olivehome Tencel Lyocell bedding set confidently, which will surely be your good investment.

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