Indoor Pillows

Considerate Faux Fur Blankets Wholesaler

Faux Fur Rugs are the most common home decors will enhance the entire vibes for bedroom, living space and couch. 

Olivehome is really good at producing quality faux fur stuffs without shedding, fading and slipping, the rugs feature a top layer of super fluffy surface, provide extremely soft  touchness and warmth. Can be placed on the bedroom and living room to decorate your home.

Woven from synthetic fibers to for a chic look, also being pet-friendly & eco at the same time.

Indoor Pillows

Indoor & Decorative Pillows

We offer diverse materials, colors, and styles for your pillows design solutions to meet different needs of your customers. The yarns or fabrics are meticulously picked to achieve a soft hand feel. Moreover, appropriate techniques will be applied to generate stylish textured look.

Our strict sourcing standards and a well-established QC system are operated to ensure the quality of blankets during mass production, helping you build a better brand image.

Limitless Custom Options

Our versatile designers are familiar with raw materials, packaging and crafts, enabling us to offer comprehensive customization service. Tell us your idea to start the hassle-free purchasing of your warm and soft blankets.

ODM Solutions for Your Pillows

Boasting a consistent supply chain and innovative design capabilities, Olive promises you durable and cost-effective home textile products.

Various quality yarns or fabrics for your choice

Design and develop trendy & unique new patterns for you

The size of blankets or throws can be tailored to your needs

Ginning, jacquard, printing, dyeing…you name it, we design

Hang tags, care labels, belly bands and color cards, all can be customized to your brands

Commercial delivery

Wide Home Textile Product Range

Olive offers you one-stop OEM/ODM solutions with a wide range of home textile products to boost your business.

Creative Design

Unique trendy design and in-depth market research helps to lift your home textile business.

Superior Quality

Quality is the top priority at Olive. From material sourcing to finished products, Olive’s QC team ensures the quality of your products.

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