Outdoor Pillows

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Faux Fur Rugs are the most common home decors will enhance the entire vibes for bedroom, living space and couch. 

Olivehome is really good at producing quality faux fur stuffs without shedding, fading and slipping, the rugs feature a top layer of super fluffy surface, provide extremely soft  touchness and warmth. Can be placed on the bedroom and living room to decorate your home.

Woven from synthetic fibers to for a chic look, also being pet-friendly & eco at the same time.

Outdoor Pillows

Credible Outdoor Pillow Company

Choose our diversely patterned outdoor pillows that are both decorative and applicable in different settings. We make our pillows from multifunctional, non-fading fabric that can be machine washed for convenience. 

To increase customer loyalty for your brand, we can provide free pattern design, customized packaging and other requirements. Strict QC system and established production lines ensure fast delivery and consistently high quality for every order. You can purchase cushions with cores, or you can purchase cushion shells separately.

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Functional Materials Ensure High Color Fastness

To ensure resilience in outdoor conditions for our pillows, we use waterproof and UV resistant fabric that can readily be machine washed. High color fastness on our fabrics helps our pillows maintain their decorative appearance when used anywhere.


Comprehensive Design Services

Offering cost-effective OEM & ODM solutions, Olive realizes your vision to make decorative pillows with our trendy pattern design. We provide free packaging design that comes with presentable labels and recognizable patterns to cement brand loyalty.


Get inspired by our design and talk to our designers whenever needed.


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