Supply Chain

Integrated Supply Chain Backs You Up


Sufficient Material Supply



Efficient Mass Production



Steadily Cooperative Logistics



Insightful Local Sales Team


Cost-Effective Raw Material Sourcing

We are able to achieve stable material supply and efficient cost control over our textile products due to the following:

Raw Material Sourcing

Established Mass Production Lines

Olive has built solid partnerships with qualified factories for the production of our textile materials. All factories have advanced production lines manned by experienced workers exhibiting fine craftsmanship. The strong factory capabilities and raw material sourcing we possess allow for streamlined production without compromising on quality.

Stable Cooperation with Logistics Companies

Backed by 10 years’ experience of global sales, Olive has established solid partnerships with reliable logistics companies.

Our logistics partners are well versed in the procedures and processes of international freight. We work together to ensure that the quality products are delivered to you safe and sound.


Marketing Support from Local Sales Team

Olive’s in-house design team regularly attends webinars with co-designers from Britain and America to discuss design directions based on latest market trends.

We also have a local sales team that works closely with buyers in UK & US market, allowing us to get a better understanding of real-world market demands. 

Marketing Support from local team

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