What’s the Difference Between Pillowcase and Pillow Sham?

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What’s the Difference Between Pillowcase and Pillow Sham?

As a leading bedding manufacturer, we are often inquired to make pillowcase and pillow sham. Many of you might already be under the assumption that pillow shams and pillow cases are the same thing. When the detailed specification is received, we will find them totally different. Let’s tell what’s the difference.

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A pillowcase is meat to protect your pillow and keep it clean. Nevertheless, a pillow sham is decorative cover for the pillow, whose function is purely decorative. Depending on the particular pillow sham and pillowcase, there can be many different material difference. Telling them apart is pretty easy through their different appearances and workmanship.

The pillowcase typically has openings on the side, looks more simple, which means they usually don’t have fancy borders or embroidered design or complex embellishments. Generally, the pillowcases are very cozy and soft to skin.

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On the contrary, pillow shams have closures on the back rather than on the side, normally, pillow sham also have flange borders, stylish hemstitch, which can spruce up sleep space with decorative bedding. The pillow shams also are matched with comforter set for selling. The pillowcases come with bed sheet set in the most cases.

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With above detailed clarifications, we believe you already know how to distinguish the pillowcase and pillow sham. If you have relative inquiry on this, just let us know. You can comment down below or contact with us by email. We can produce both of them for you with affordable prices and reliable quality. Welcome Inquiry!

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