Why Linen is the Best Choice for Table Decor?

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Why Linen is the Best Choice for Table Decor?

For all the formal events and special activities, the decoration is the most important part of it. It’s not about covering a piece of cloth onto your tables but also spreading the chill atmosphere in the air to make all the guests feel welcomed.

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1. Speak of the chillness, linen is the No.1 material to be nominated. Will absolutely add the outstanding elegance to the table setting. No other materials can be naturally textured & cooling to touch as pure linen, more importantly the fabric display a light & graceful drape, its coarse texture would fade away and gets softer with each use and washing.

2. Breathability. Thanks to its hollow-staple structure, allow air to circulate naturally make it highly water-absorbent.

3. Eco-friendly & Organic. Linen is extracted from renewable flax plants, the plant requires minimum water resources and chemicals growing up. The growing has a 1/3 environmental footprint compared to cotton, and requires no irrigation, only rainwater.

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Above all, linen is a natural fiber that stems from the flax plant. It uses considerably fewer resources than cotton or polyester. The lightweight, natural texture and effortless aesthetic the linen tablecloths, runners, napkins would 100% increase dining experiences, and decor up all the formal events.

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