Which Fabrics are We Often Used to Make Cushion Pillows?

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Which Fabrics are We Often Used to Make Cushion Pillows?

When buyers purchase cushions, the most important thing to consider is the use and fabric. Cushions are often used in offices, homes or outdoors. The high-quality fabrics we provide not only bring comfort and non-toxicity, but also ensure that the service life of the fabrics is long enough.

The type of fabric is a very important point in the purchasing process. For example, for cushions used indoors, we must consider the softness of the fabric; for cushions used outdoors, we must consider whether the fabric can achieve three-proofing and whether it is sturdy and wear-resistant.

cushion pillows1

Cotton and Linen

Cotton and linen are the most common fabrics you can find in home decor stores and fabric stores.These two types of fabric all very cozy and hypoallergenic, cooling to the touch which make them more suitable for indoors decorative pillows. Linen is also lightweight as cotton, and can also be resistant to heat which is great outside.

fabric used to make cushions


Velvet fabric with some technique will look exquisite when we put the pillows indoor decor. Common techniques are quilting, digital printing, embroidery, etc. When you purchase a small quantity and want to customize your own pattern, we recommend using velvet fabric. Because this fabric is very cost-effective, the fabric is soft, comfortable and no shedding, and the printing effect is also very good.

Velvet pillow 1


Canvas fabric is ideal for outdoor use and has high abrasion resistance, making it ideal for use in extreme weather. Canvas cushion fabrics are very much preferred by those who also want to place their cushions outside, as they can be waterproof and do not easily get damaged by the sun.

Canvas cushion 1

The above fabrics are just some regular ones. If you have your own favorite fabrics, please feel free to send them to us. Cushions covers should also be creative and diversity as well.

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