Order Tips for Customized Oversized Wearable Hoodie Blanket & Sweatshirt!

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Faux Fur Rugs are the most common home decors will enhance the entire vibes for bedroom, living space and couch. 

Olivehome is really good at producing quality faux fur stuffs without shedding, fading and slipping, the rugs feature a top layer of super fluffy surface, provide extremely soft  touchness and warmth. Can be placed on the bedroom and living room to decorate your home.

Woven from synthetic fibers to for a chic look, also being pet-friendly & eco at the same time.

Order Tips for Customized Oversized Wearable Hoodie Blanket & Sweatshirt!

When it comes to customized options, you can choose which print methods you would like to use. Our two most popular printing methods are screen printing and digital printing. If you have multiple designs or small MOQ or budget, using the digital printing method will be more cost-effective.

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However, if you’re looking for a method that can highlight smaller details, you can also have your wearable hoodie designs screen-printing. Screen printing can achieve those smaller details and accommodate larger print areas. It’s also affordable and produces a beautiful visual appeal.

Just simply submit your design to us, and we’re always here to help advise you on which print method is the best suited for your custom hoodie of choice and design! Trust we can help you print your vision and make your design ideas come into life.

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By the way,one gentle reminder to every retailer or wholesaler, from May to October every year is usually our peak production season for oversize hoodie blanket. Timing is everything when it comes to placing order for hoodie blanket/sweatshirt, so making your purchase plan in advance and knowing when to place to avoid peak periods is also a key to catch your hot selling season.

Customized Oversized wearable hoodie blanket &sweatshirt are wildly popular, so make sure you’re staying on the right track!

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