How to Start A Small Table Linen Business?

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How to Start A Small Table Linen Business?

How to Start a Small Table Linen Business

Investigate the market

Firstly find out what your potential customers would be interested, like what materials and what designs would appeal them. Distinguish from the common supermarket goods, you would better launch your own sophisticated, unique, luxury table linens.

Position your brand

There are a few types of table linens you need to stay away, polyester and cotton. The two materials sounds really plain for startups, polyester as a manmade material isn’t sustainable & environment-friendly at all and cotton is no fancy enough to attract new buyers.

This case, Pure Linen and Linen Cotton Blend would be the good choices. With delightful printed patterns or embroidery designs, the table linens would absolutely make themselves out of the market. Of course, the material and crafts would define your table linens as middle/high-end products.

Linen Tablecloth 6 1

Where to sell?

A physical shop or an ecommerce store? Obviously an ecommerce store would be a great option when getting business started initially, promoting your beautiful table settings online through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Organizing some giveaway activities or developing a few seasonal/holiday discounts would be really useful to appeal new followers and publicity the brand.

Make a budget

Get to figure out the exact items, how many designs you’d want to put out at the first time, they can be a small amount but need to be under your budget.

Scallop Tablecloth 9

Find mills/manufacturers

This would be an agonizing questions for rookies, try to find a reliable manufacturer supports very low order quantity as well as ensure the highest quality really matters. It will definitely take a lot of hard work and dedication to get the ideas become a reality, an experienced manufacturer would predict all the potential issues and provide with reasonable solutions. So it’s crucial to find a trustworthy manufacturer, our team would be glad to help with that!

All in all, it would take a lot efforts and tears to compete. Just face it not fear it!

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