Can We Ensure Faux Fur Minky Bedding Set 100% No shedding?

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Faux Fur Rugs are the most common home decors will enhance the entire vibes for bedroom, living space and couch. 

Olivehome is really good at producing quality faux fur stuffs without shedding, fading and slipping, the rugs feature a top layer of super fluffy surface, provide extremely soft  touchness and warmth. Can be placed on the bedroom and living room to decorate your home.

Woven from synthetic fibers to for a chic look, also being pet-friendly & eco at the same time.

Can We Ensure Faux Fur Minky Bedding Set 100% No shedding?


Faux fur minky bedding set are so snuggly and comforting, but it can be such a nuisance when a bed leaves fuzz everywhere. Shedding fuzz can be especially prominent when a bedding set is new. Especially customers who do online 2C business, such as Amazon, independent station, a bad review of shedding always have a great impact on the sales of a website. This makes the business very headache, also bring great losses.

Through constant research and experimentation by our technicians,no shedding is not a dream any more! The exciting news is that we have solved this issue from the fabric completely recently. We are so proud to say that we are now the only supplier on the market that can do faux fur minky blankets with 100% no shedding. If you are Amazon seller or has your own online store, don’t need to worry about bad reviews for shedding any more!

We get many good comments from our Amazon customers and Independent station customers that the end customers feedback that non-shedding faux fur fur bedding products make their life more secure, more comfortable, and they are willing to buy more as gifts for family and friends. The most important thing is that the machine washing will not shed as well, so the life is more convenient.

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