Faux Fur Pillows

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As a faux fur pillow supplier with 10 years of global sales experience, Olive brings you tactile faux fur pillows at competitive prices.


In compliance with our philosophy of sustainability, all our faux fur pillows are made from recyclable and renewable materials. In addition to premium products, we also provide one-stop custom service to elevate your brand.



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Recyclable and Eco-friendly Materials

Compared with animal fur, artificial fur is more eco-friendly — no animals are harmed in the process.

Also, faux fur is more durable and easier to clean and care for, which makes it more attractive to your customers because the maintenance work is reduced when using faux fur pillows.

Exquisite Design with Fine Quality

We aim to create a unique faux fur pillow that fits your customers’ demands by utilizing different techniques on the linen, including jacquard, embroidery, and much more.

Stylish designs based on the latest trends make your decorative faux fur pillows more marketable in home decoration industry.


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