Table Linens

Full Sets of Table Linens

Olive offers a wide range of table linens including table cloths, napkins, table runners, tea towels, and placemats. All of these linens are made of premium materials, making them waterproof and easy to clean. You have full control over your custom table linens including their size, colors, and patterns. 



Tailor to Your Unique Table Linens

Through our comprehensive customization service, we can create marketable custom table linens that accomplish your goals.


Various materials are used for your table linens.


We can incorporate trendy designs and patterns based on market demands. 


Your table linens can come in various sizes and dimensions according to your needs.


We achieve various techniques such as ginning, jacquard, and dyeing for your table linens. 


We can attach tailored tags & care labels onto your table linens to empower your branding. 


Customize Your Table Linens

Olive is one of China’s leading table linen wholesalers thanks to our mature supply chain, experienced design team, and streamlined production. We are capable of creating durable table linens to lift your brand. 

Commercial delivery

Durable Materials

The application of certified yarns, fibers and fabrics allows us to provide you and your customers with durable table linens.


Innovative Design

Backing our unique designs for your table linens is experience gained over the years of working in the industry as well as extensive market research. 


Premium Quality

From our strict raw material screening to the final inspection, Olive places importance on the quality of our products by having well-trained personnel conduct inspections.


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