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Wool blankets are loved by customers pursuing comfort & luxury. They’re warm, breathable, soft, light & stretchy.

Our briliant in-house design team seeks inspiration by attending types of fairs, visiting innovative suppliers, and communicating with oversea designers. They strive to integrate the latest materials & workmanship with trendy palettes.

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melange wool throw

Diversified Wool & Multiple Applications

Our premier wool blankets are made of different types of wool, such as alpaca, merino wool, lambswool, etc. Whether you need them for military use, hotel use, camping or home decor, we can get you covered, with years of experience and consistent supply chain.

Timely Development & Rigorous Quality Control

Our talented design team knows not only fashion colors or styles, but aslo crafts. They keep developing new designs that are feasible in bulk production, in a timely manner.

We care what you care. Our diligent QC team conducts meticulous inspections. The shippment of your order won’t be allowed if it failed to pass our internal inspect.

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