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As picnics and camping become more popular among outdoor activity lovers, the market demand for picnic blankets shows a sharp increase in recent years.

As a trusted picnic blanket supplier, we offer diverse easy-to-clean picnic blankets at competitive prices. In addition, different sizes of picnic blankets can be customized to help you meet any market need.

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Easy-to-Clean Material

We incorporate high-grade materials into our picnic blankets that are waterproof and durable. The materials also make our blankets lightweight and machine washable, which caters to the market demands.


Thanks to their portable and resistant qualities, our picnic blankets are suitable for outdoor use, and are popular among picnic and camping lovers.

Large Size Customization

You can have your picnic blanket with a dimension of up to 200x240cm. Professional designers can incorporate stylish patterns onto your picnic blanket to make them attractive to your target audience. In addition, we make our picnic blankets foldable and easy to carry. 


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