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Considerate Faux Fur Blankets Wholesaler

Faux Fur Blankets are one of Olive’s core product categories. We offer high-end faux fur blankets of timeless design and superior quality.

Our domestic & overseas designers keep developing stylish designs with quality materials. From sourcing of raw materials like yarns and fabrics to manufacturing and crafting processes, each process is under strict control and joint inspection by Olive’s QA team and our reliable textile manufacturing partners.

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Tactile and Luxury Faux Fur

We co-work with innovative faux fur fabric mills to develop tactile and textured faux fur fabrics that are fit for different customers. Textured surface plus delicate crafts give a luxury appearance to our faux fur blankets.

Dedicated Crafts Enhance Appearance

Rich textures are achieved through various finish treatments that improve the appearance of our faux fur blankets.

Advanced post-processing techniques are applied to significantly reduce shedding of faux fur blankets.

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